White wolf and his little lamb – Part 1

After tasting Lascar Bonhomme’s magnificent Kabyle’s dick, the handsome young Kabyle Divino continues to explore the urban jungle. It wasn’t long before he met White Wolf, a french rascal with a soft spot for passive little boys like Divino.

One mischievous glance in the street was all it needed to fall for his charms. The two guys meet up in a cheap hotel for a very special booty call. White Wolf is more than excited. His big cock is hard and grows bigger and bigger. Hs big balls are full of cum. He’s slobbering all over this little boy who’s in the thrall of this virile, domineering french guy.

The guy is too eager to give himself entirely. White Wolf isn’t going to hold back from slamming hard into this magnificent, almost virgin ass. He’s not going to take it easy his job. That little ass need to be fucked hard! Top video made in Citebeur.

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