The Hung and The Hungry – Milo Marvin and Papi Bambino

There’s one basic plus in a porno shoot that beats the others COLD. When you have two studs that are totally turned on and into each other, everything else kind of fades into the background. Papi Bambino is an XL-hung top who’s completely horned up for dark, lean-muscled Latino Milo Marvin. They slather each other with kisses from the start, and when Milogets a mouthful of Papi’s gigantic tool, you know something scorching hot is on the way. Sure enough, a half hour of nonstop sucking, fucking and rimming between two guys who look like it isn’t the paycheck that’s fueling this fire.

Papi’s big raw uncut meat fits into Milo like a glove, and the two South Americans go at it like they just discovered assfucking. Papi relishes every new position, speed and depth, and Milo’s moans are certain proof that he loves every minute as well. Things heat up fast and stay that way. But eventually these horndogs need to cum, and Papi breeds a big wad into Milo then drenches his hole in a layer of thick creamy malejuice. Dripping with his new fuckbud’s sperm, Milo’s so turned on he only needs a few strokes befor his lean, tight abs are coated with his own sticky wad.

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