Sold Out – It Fucked! – Diego Allmeida x Thiago Albuquerque

Thiago Albuquerque is desperate because his favorite band’s concert tickets are sold out on the website and at the official ticket offices. His friend Vinícius sent him a contact for a scalper named Diego Allmeida who has some tickets to sell. Thiago is paying any amount for the tickets, as he would do anything to have them in his hands. He makes an appointment to pick up the tickets with Diego, who is waiting for him at his residence.

Arriving there, Diego says that the demand for the ticket is high and that he will need to increase the value of the tickets. Thiago is sad to learn that he might be without tickets and says he’ll do anything to get the money changer to sell him the tickets. Diego puts the whore to suck his huge, juicy cock and says that the ticket is worth much more than just a blowjob.

Diego takes Thiago to the bedroom where he fucks his ass so good, getting the nasty fan delirious. Thiago is really determined to get the tickets he needs so much and does whatever it takes to acquire them, including satisfying the nasty and pleasure of the nasty scalper.

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