Sex Addicts – Donato Ramon and Túlio Hernandez

Túlio Hernandez and Donato Ramon are looking for a professional help to get out of their sex addiction, as each one has a very strong compulsion for sex, even harming their personal and professional lives. During the interview with the specialist, they talk about it and expose what each one feels and does in relation to sexual addiction.

After the consultation, Túlio goes to the bathroom to take a piss and finds Donato there, he is embarrassed and apologizes, Donato does not feel uncomfortable and proposes that the two of them can enjoy the moment there. The patients end up giving in to temptation and have a relapse fucking very tasty inside the bathroom.

They leave there and go to Donato’s apartment, where the whoring rolls around. Túlio fucks Donato’s ass very tasty leaving the horny delirious. Donato can’t handle being horny and giving his juicy ass to Túlio with a lot of will and desire, driving the nasty crazy with lust. These two really don’t get along and I think this therapy is over!

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