Samuel Ferrati & Dr Augusto – Como Aumentar Um Bumbum

Samuel Ferrati got tired of being told he had a small butt and made an appointment with a specialist. Dr. Augusto promptly received the patient and explained the possible procedures for increasing his butt. It was time for the assessment and Samuel, embarrassed, lay down on the stretcher so the doctor could examine his buttocks.

Contrary to what Samuel thought, the doctor thought there was enough butt, but that it could be enlarged with simple procedures. The doctor performed a sensitivity test and when he passed his finger near the ass, he heard the patient moaning and he even trembled when he felt his finger. Dr. Augusto then intensified the touch and concluded that the patient already had a very attractive butt. Happy with the compliment, Samuel surrendered even more to the touch until he felt the saliva dripping down his ass, followed by a delicious tongue.

Dr. Augusto sucked Samuel’s ass eagerly, and to prove to the patient that his buttocks were really attractive, he took his hand to his hard dick underneath his pants. The patient soon took out his big dick and started sucking. After choking the patient with his dick, Dr. Augusto asks to start the procedure of punching his dick in that ass, with strong blows that made the buttocks swell.

After spurting a lot of milk on each other, the whore tells the patient that the butt impact procedure had an effect: the buttocks were even swollen from so much punching. And they’ve already scheduled the next session…

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