Pablo Acosta Fucks Luna Valentin

Pablo Acosta comes from the east side of the city and works at a local sporting goods store. Luna Valentin is from the downtown area and manages a small whorehouse. Did they know each other before filming? Nah, but they fuck like rabbits. Both guys have lots of tattoos and big, uncut dicks.

Pablo lies down on the sofa and shows his dick off while Luna removes his shoes and socks and rubs his feet. Then Luna really gets into sucking Pablo’s dick, playing with his foreskin, and giving special attention to his balls. Pablo fucks Luna in the mouth and gives his big ass a few smacks to let him know who’s boss while he fucks it from behind.

Then Pablo really takes control and fucks Luna down onto the bed. Luna can’t get enough of Pablo’s dick in either end and keeps it wet with his mouth while they both work up a good sweat fucking both fast and slow in different positions. Pablo creams on Luna’s asshole and then keeps fucking him until Luna shoots a big load that drips down his abs.

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