O Coveiro (The Gravedigger) Gael Mafra & Alex Degani

Gael Mafra meets his boyfriend Alex Degani who decides to take him to an unusual place so that they can both be more comfortable. Arriving at the cemetery, Gael is scared and tells Alex that he is scared, who tries to calm him down. While the two both are sitting there, Alex decides to tell Gael a story about a hung gravedigger who loves to fuck whoever shows up late at night. Gael is impressed, but doesn’t really believe this story.

The two both go to a quieter place and hear a strange noise and decide to go away. Halfway through, Gael loses his boyfriend and ends up finding a very strange doll lying on the floor. When he gets up, he is unresponsive and scared by what he sees, the gravedigger standing right in front of him with a strange look. The Gravedigger puts Gael on his shoulders and takes him to a place where no one can find them.

Arriving at the place, the gravedigger fucks Gael so good, making the nasty crazy on his hot dick. After finishing the mess in the cemetery, Gael finds his boyfriend and they go home. Upon arriving at his apartment, Alex comes across the gravedigger and ends up fainting.

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