Latinboyz – Charly and Serj

When Serj’s girlfriend found out he had done gay porn for money she got upset at him and kick him out of her apartment. During their argument, Charly who lived in the same apartment building heard them arguing and invited Serj to stay in his place until he could figure out where he was going to live.

Charly knew Serj was straight but heard rumors of him fucking guys and that he had a big Mexican cock. He decided he was going to find out for himself and came up with a plan to be jacking off to let Serj catch him in the act.

Serj comes out of the shower and catches him lying on the bed jacking off so he tell him to suck his dick and starts to play with his ass. After a few minutes of getting sucked off he orders Charly to turn around and starts to fuck him raw like his bitch.

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