Latin Raw Fucker Summer – Deep Dickin’ Davos – Davos x Lexis

Take a trip down where it’s hot and sticky–we mean the spicy, uninhibited countries of Latin America. These boys do bareback like they were born to dip their thick dripping uncut tools into the nearest throbbing hole, because WHY NOT?!

Hot barefucker Lexis isn’t your usual prettyboy Latino model. Far from being unattractive, he does exude a regular guy image that belies the massive, merciless XXL cock he wields. Not that dark, sexy bottom Davos has any complaints. Even when Lexis plays a little rough, grabbing Davos by the hair as he drills in balls deep, Davos might howl a little, but he’s more satisfied than scared of the big horned-up top. Lexis loves ass, can’t wait to get his tongue buried up Davos’. Once it’s wet and open, he rams that huge raw fucktool in like there’s no tomorrow. He is a man with a mission, and that’s to squirt his sperm into Davos and own his hole.

Once he reaches that sperm-spilling climax, he’s still horny, jerking his hard uncut cock as he watches his load oozing out of his happy bottom buddy. He can’t resist sliding his fingers along Davos’ twitching hole and scraping up some of that musky goodness before he leans in for a man-to-man after fuck kiss…

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