Irmãos Dotados – Secret Santa – Kevin Nurff x Lucas Pocfit x Malandro x Davi Lucca

To improve the relationship between his company’s employees, Kevin Nurff has scheduled a Secret Santa for Christmas. The guests are all gathered and the fun begins, but the atmosphere among the team is one of pure sarcasm and indirectness.

To cut this bad vibe, Kevin decides to start the game by giving his gift to Lucas Pocfit, after which the other employees start to present themselves according to their turn. In the end, what’s left is Malandro 25cm who needs to leave for a while to bring his boss Kevin Nurff’s gift. Upon returning with the box in his hands, Malandro 25cm delivers the gift to the boss who opens the box and leaves everyone surprised by what’s inside.

9 inches of juicy cock to the boss. Kevin loves his gift and starts savoring it without wasting any time. Lucas Pocfit starts sucking Davi Lucca’s cock who is crazy with lust to feel the mouth of the nasty wrapping his delicious cock. The game gets hotter when everyone starts to switch partners and everything turns into a pretty hot mess.

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