Irmãos Dotados – Baby Sannn & OnlyDanJesus

While walking on the sidewalk, Baby Sannn and Onlydanjesus meet after college and end up creating a positive energy. The two go to eat ice cream together and then go to Onlydanjesus’ house. Arriving there, the two begin to feel a huge lust for each other and a desire to suck each other’s dick. After that, the two go to the bedroom and start to fuck so good and make a yummy flip-flop. At the end of the fuck, Baby Sannn leaves and Onlydanjesus can’t believe what happened, but he laughs at the situation that Baby Sannn thinks he was virgin. Baby Sannn also ends up laughing after leaving Onlydanjesus’ house because she thinks he also thinks he was virgin.

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