Irmaos Dotados 336 – Bruno Paz & Atlas Xavier – Aula De Skate

Bruno Paz is teaching Atlas Xavier how to skate. Atlas goes to the teacher to take his first class, but decides to drink some water before starting the class. During class, Atlas ends up getting hurt, leaving Bruno very worried, taking him home. Once there, Bruno massages Atlas’ leg, who gets all excited about the teacher touching him.

Bruno Paz confesses to Atlas that he loves feet and delights in the male’s foot in his mouth. After that, Atlas makes a nice blowjob on his teacher who raves with lust seeing the nasty sucking his delicious cock. Atlas sits on Bruno’s dick getting the nasty horny. Bruno makes a nice rimming on Atlas’ ass making him roll his eyes in pleasure. With a lot of moans, hard fuck, Rimming and lots of sex, “Skateboard Lesson” is the perfect movie that will make you delirious with pleasure with this two nasties.

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