Irmãos Dotados – Couple Therapy – Edu Albuquerque x Rick Duart and Caique

Edu and Rick’s relationship is not going well and they both decide to see an expert couples therapist to see what they can solve with this problem. Arriving at the office, Edu and Rick are assisted by the therapist Caique, who specializes in couples. Edu is unhappy with the amount of sex he has no longer had with his husband and exposes his desire to give his ass.

Caique decides to help him improve his relationship with Rick by teaching him some moves to spice up the relationship. Rick watches and learns every move taught by the expert. Edu thinks the counseling is a joke and can’t believe what’s happening. Caique asks Rick to take off his clothes and start fucking Edu’s ass right there.

Caique also decides to participate in nasty teaching in practice step by step what should be applied at the time of sex between the couple. Edu surrenders to Caique’s professionalism and gives his therapist asshole along with Rick, who also can’t resist the counseling. The three fuck very horny. Edu moans in the therapist’s and Rick’s cock. Rick also takes a cock inside the ass, this time from the two males, receiving a very tasty double penetration.

“Couple Counseling” is the film that marks the return of Edu Albuquerque to professional porn films and the debut of Rick Duart (his current partner) and actor Caique Bodybuilder. The film is delicious and promises to make you cum watching these three delicious males doing dirty things that way you love!

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