Irmãos Dotados – Call the Manager

Jean Carlos is staying at a hotel for a while, but he is very unhappy with the situation where the shower doesn’t have the heater working and he hates taking a shower with cold water. He decides to call the reception to ask the manager to go to his room and check the shower situation. Leicy Spósito is the hotel manager and goes to Jean Carlos’ guest room to try to resolve the situation.

Once there, Leicy is faced with Jean Carlos naked in front of him and upset with what is happening with the shower. After checking what happened with the shower, Leicy decides to change Jean Carlos’ room and asks if he can help him in anything else, Jean takes the opportunity and requests a nice blowjob from the manager who doesn’t think twice and falls in the mouth. nasty. Leicy loves a succulent cock like Jean Carlos’s and delights in the hard cock of the nasty in his mouth, leaving him delirious with lust.

Jean Carlos requests another type of service and this time takes Leicy to bed where he puts the nasty on dog position and starts fucking his delicious ass. Leicy loves to feel the hard cock of Jean Carlos fucking his ass and moans of pleasure in the cock of the nasty asking for more hard fuck. “Call the Manager!” is the kind of movie that will make you delirious with pleasure and lust watching these two fuckers guys fucking a lot.

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