Dezembro Vermelho – Mlk Ousado and Henrique

Mlk Daring was with a free time and entered an application to hook up to see if he could get a cat guy. On the other side Henrique was looking for the same thing: he went through all profiles looking for a smooth ass. The two begin to exchange messages and soon arrange a meeting at the home of Mlk Daring. Upon arriving, Henry shows what he came for and grabs Daring with a strong grip. They begin to tear off the clothes and Henry already forces the other to suck his big cock, making swallow until choking.

With tears in his eyes the boy warrior tried to swallow every inch of that pirocão and Henrique forced in his throat mercilessly! Henry sees that juicy ass and can’t resist. Falls mouth to ass giving several spit and leaving well lubricated, making Mlk moan in pleasure. They went to the room and Henry soon wanted to put the cock in that ass that asked for roll, but, touching the little head, the partner runs asking to put the condom.

Henry explains that Prep does, but Daring does not know what it is and prefers to use a condom. Henry respects and with condom and gel penetrates the tail at once. Boldly gets fucked in various positions and when he sits on the cock, Henry can’t take it. Take off the condom and cum on the cock of the Bold Mlk seemed worried.

And Henry asks what happened: the boy wanted to have felt the fur, but was afraid. Henry explains about Prep and indicates profiles for research. Will the next roll without a cape?

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