Felipe Hernandez & Erivaldo Ribeiro – R$100 E Uma Mamada Misteriosa

Felipe Hernandez was a little broke on money. To pay the bills He had an idea: he took advantage of the memes that were going around on the internet to play a game in a booth space in the city center. When he started to write the note jokingly offering his services, his bro Erivaldo Ribeiro came out of the shower saying he had to go to the city center to sort out some things, but would be back by the end of the afternoon.

Felipe took advantage of the ride and went together, but when they got there they separated. Erivaldo went to sort out some things and then he was going to take advantage of his free time to go to the cabins and relieve his lust. Felipe was already anxious. He had been in the cabin for some time and no one had appeared, suddenly a R$100 bill passes through the Glory Hole, immediately Felipe passes the dick through the hole for the payer to suck. Erivaldo sucked eagerly, eliciting moans from Felipe until the boy said something dirty and Erivaldo recognized the voice.

Erivaldo stops and calls out to his bro who gets scared and looks through the hole seeing that it was Erivaldo. The two begin to argue, Evaldo asks for his money back and after much resistance, Felipe gives it back. Once again the R$100 note goes through the hole and Erivaldo, to get revenge, says “now that you’re paying R$100, take mine so you can suck it”. Felipe then refuses Erivaldo, still angry about the discovery, threatening to tell his family what his brother was doing to earn money. Felipe gives in and starts sucking his brother through the hole.

Erivaldo is delirious with pleasure and tells his bro to finish this at home, because he wanted more. At home, the bros completely dominated by lust give themselves to each other with lots of sucking, kissing and enjoying, they begin a delicious 69 that evolves into a swap in various positions. After exploring each other’s bodies a lot, the two enjoy jets of cum, ensuring that the secret will be well kept and the bitching between them is just beginning.

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